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Accuracy Rating™ Guidelines

  • You must maintain an active email.
  • Title and description should be clear, concise, and should accurately describe your website in an objective way, no promotional verbiage, and should not contain superlatives.
  • Do not include pricing, address, phone number, URL information in title or description.
  • All grammar and spelling must be correct.
  • Website must be in the English language, or have an English language version available. Colloquial variations are acceptable.
  • Do not use all capitals, special characters or other unnecessary punctuation.
  • Do not submit Alias, doorway, redirect, cloaking, framing, mirroring, parking pages, under construction, dead links, IP address, trapping, spiderfood, keyword spamming sites, etc.   • ONLY List Your Website Once!   • Foreign language listings are entered under correct language version, if available.
  • Adult listings must be listed in our Adult Only Directory (currently not available).

  • Locate the most appropriate category for your listing.
  • If the category is currently not in the MasterMOZ Directory structure submit it, at the closest, next highest category level. You can move the website when a new category is available. If you see a missing category in our directory you may suggest one using the contact form at the bottom of the page..
  • If your website is geographical submit to a regional category.
  • If your website is selling something make sure it is in appropriate shoppong category.
Please Note: Pick the most relevant category!!! Sites suggested to inappropriate or unrelated categories will go offline.

  • Title must accurately identify the website.
  • Only alpha-numeric characters (dashes, periods, slashes, comas) may be used.
  • Limit title to between 5-60 characters.
  • Titles shoud start with a capital letter.
  • First letter or number of the title may not be lower than the first letter or number of the primary domain name without the use of the sub-domain.

  • Only alpha-numeric characters (dashes, periods, slashes, comas) may be used.
  • Limit title to between 5-1000 characters.
  • Search description is truncated at 200 characters.
  • Description needs to start with a capital letter.  

Website URL
  • Website must be active and on-line
  • Enter the complete unique URL, including http://

Primary URL
  • Registered Domain Name Only
  • Primary URL examples: domainname.com, domainname.co.uk (no subdomains, no www, no http://, no individual pages /index.html, etc.)
Type of URL
  • Primary URL (website.com or www.website.com)
  • Sub Domain of owner URL (Unique section of URL news.google.com)
  • Sub Domain non- owner URL (You MUST be in control. Example: your section of a business or publication (tom.newyorker.com, or marketing).
  • DO NOT SUBMIT:Affiliate, Free, or member URL (Non-owner of Domain Name www.site.com/joe www.site.com/?afid=3718 )
Alias, Doorway, redirect, cloaking, framing, mirroring, parking pages, under construction, dead links, IP address, etc.

Keywords/Metatag Keywords
  • Add up to 15 words separated by comas that describe the website subject matter. Example: Pet, dog, cat, bird

Website Image
  • Please keep a current thumbnail of the website. Only upload GIF, JPG, JPEG, OR PNG IMAGES.

Relationship to the Listing
  • List the most appropriate title describing your relationship to the website.
  • Briefly explain your personal relationship/involment/association to the website

URL Registration
  • Note the type of ownership and name of the whois registration information. (Only displayed to professional members during reviewing)

Class of URL
  • Pick top level domain extension (and country code extension where used).

Website Audience
  • Select the website's primary audience.

Website Size
  • Select the appropriate range of pages your website has.
  • If you have a dynamic website use an estimate of the total number of pages.

Website Type
  • Pick the a website type that best describes the style or use of the website.

Purpose of Website
  • Pick the reason the website exitst.

  • Are the features and other information described about the website correct.
  • Accurate contact information available on website
  • Awards or other accolades confirmable.
  • Etc.

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