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Excellence in Ministry Model Program manual is designed to pull two forces together; organizational structure and proper personnel to execute the needs and demands of church leadership administration....

Author: SharnellJackson

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Site promotes newly published book entitled What Dogs Teach Us About The Kingdom of Heaven. The purpose of the book was written to those Christians who own and love a dog, but perhaps never realized o...

Author: mommydogmaster

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Take a journey of faith with Buff the dog as he braves a perilous journey to save his friend’s life. Journey to the Highland by author Eugene Webb is a wonderful allegorical tail about love, redempt...

Author: Ruleev

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Link to The Golden Globe, Gate and the Encounter by N.D. Shine, a multicultural Christian fiction book for youth, teens and young adults.
Meet Tara and Caleb, Gabriela, Julian and Kamina, Natsko and Sv...

Author: ndshine

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