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A blog by Sazid Rahman, containing links to download books, journals, articles, lecture notes, videos and documents related to textile and apparel material and processing technology such as fiber, yar...

Author: sazidrahman

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Spark Safe with an innovative, dynamic team offers fire and electrical safety services throughout Western Australia. Contact us for safety services in Commercial, Industrial, mining etc.

Author: sparksafe

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MonolithIC 3D Inc. is an IP company with operations in Silicon Valley, Romania and Israel. It invented and developed a practical path to the monolithic 3D Integrated Circuit, which includes multiple d...

Author: iulia2020

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International Safety and Risk Management (ISRM) is a successful, hands-on consultancy that specializes in helping companies like yours maximize their Health safety and environment (HSE), risk manageme...

Author: jackhoves

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Order Flange, Orifice Plate, Pitot online at Triflotech.com

Author: smike

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CAD services from IndiaCADworks deliver high-quality computer aided design and Engineering CAD solutions at cost-effective prices.

Author: cadservices

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One Eighty provides key professional support to the engineering industry in the form of product and design optimisation, material testing services and product analysis to enable optimum product qualit...

Author: VanRenen

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Engineers Rising LLC

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Ph.No: 814-826-3151

Author: engineersrising

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ACME MECHATROINCS, INC. is a US based company involved in manufacturing and supplying winding machine and accessories used in the field of coil winding applications. More than 25 standard coil winders...

Author: acmemechatronics

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