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ioLIBRO - reviewing books
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A literary blog offering in-depth reviews. It examines great authors of Italian literature (Sciascia, Buzzati…), aspiring writers’ manuals (Rodari, Badino…), as well as new releases (Malvaldi, Falcone…). The blog’s writer, Alessandro Bettinsoli, is an inveterate reader, who opted to learn more about books and took a bachelor’s degree in Literature; he now studies Linguistics. This blog’s challenge is offering in-depth reviews, which satisfy both those who wish to choose a book to read and look for suggestions, and those who need a deeper analysis of the book they just read. Beside the main blog, two smaller projects: the Velocissime, short reviews aiming at a blurb’s function, and the Dico&Corrigo, which examines the most frequent writing mistakes in Italian, corrects them, and, most importantly, tries to understand their origin and what they can teach us about the Italian language.
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Date Submitted: Mar 19, 2014 (Last Edited Mar 20, 2014)
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ioLIBRO - reviewing books

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