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Writing better is the first step of selling more of what you write.

Discovered after five decades - what everyone writing fiction searches for, and dreams of finding - someday.

“The Master Storytelle...

Author: Richard01

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The works of deric barry. The adventure travel books written by deric. Read sample chapters for free. The books are set in different countries and portray the adventures of their characters with humou...

Author: oldsalt12

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Join our hero Death Dance as he brave new worlds to find a mysterious weapon that can save his world.

Author: knockaround

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A website born from a book about forbidden love between a ku klux klansman and a black girl. Articles on biracial topics, race relations, civil rights, white supremacy and racism.

Author: wordanalyst

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Lori V. Fogarsi's nonfiction books and novels, blog articles, free dog training library and more. A great resource for moms, women, men, and readers of every kind, as well as dog lovers.

Author: LoriTheAuthor

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Four astronauts land on Mars for a routine mission. They fall into the middle of an intergalactic battle and are forced to return with a strange being to a parallel universe.

Through deceit and betray...

Author: kenster678

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The Iron Teeth

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The Iron Teeth is a dark fantasy online story posted as a web serial. It follows the adventures of Blacknail the goblin in the Iron Teeth mountains. Check it out if you like dark fantasy, tragedy, sus...

Author: ClearMadness

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