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The MasterMOZ Web Directory

Honesty & The Internet – An Impossible Combo? Not according to MasterMoz.com

Innovative Social Website Directory sets to break the routine – From now on, Internet directory listings will be accurate, credible and fair!

(New York, NY) Webmasters Inc. – the founder of MasterMoz, with headquarters in New York and Arizona, has declared an all-out war on Internet dishonesty. Since the dawn of the Internet, sly Internet site owners have been manipulating the system by listing their website(s) in search engines and directories using deceptive practices. As a result, unsuspecting Internet surfers can search for one type of content, and arrive at a completely unrelated or irrelevant website.

This is the web’s version of bait and switch. Search engines & directories are in a constant battle against deceptive techniques like doorway pages, keyword spamming, and other unethical practices. The never-ending war rages on, and the light at the end of the tunnel just isn't getting closer. Clicking through to just about any website listing that appears to make sense, could ultimately lead you to a pop-up & adware filled website, or worse yet – an adult website.

MasterMoz.com was launched as the ultimate solution to bring back honesty and accuracy to web listings. Built as an online social website directory, MasterMoz.com offers the most accurate website listings on the Internet, with no compromises. Using a patent pending review system, category members monitor submitted information and assess the accuracy, reputation and credibility of the website.

By taking part in the MasterMoz.com social network, a webmaster is required to accurately describe their website. The review system eliminates unfair tricks to rank higher or get listed in unrelated categories, and in general – keeps them honest. If the webmaster and their sites do not meet the MasterMoz standards the website rating will quickly drop, and the listing will become unavailable in the directory.

The honest webmaster loves MasterMoz.com for those same reasons. Listings are activated immediately, honesty is rewarded and fraud is eliminated. Visitors searching for your site will know they can trust it. Visitors searching for sites actually find them. They avoid unethical and deceptive techniques, and other content that does nothing but waste their time. MasterMoz is the logical, practical and ethical alternative.

Signing up and getting started at MasterMoz.com can be done within less than 2 minutes. Visit http://www.MasterMoz.com for more information.


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